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Mission & Values

Office of the Vice Chancellor Diversity Statement

The offices that comprise OVC enable and enhance MIT academics while supporting the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of all MIT students. We believe we can only empower students once we respect who they are and where they come from; empowering students requires a holistic perspective that celebrates the diversity of our community and champions the value of that diversity. We believe that a diverse student body is foundational to the innovative and creative work of the Institute because when students from different backgrounds and interests come together, they make each other better, learn from one another, surprise, and inspire us all.

Just as diversity is a strength of the student body, the many different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our staff enrich the work we do to help students reach their goals. Our aim is not only to uphold MIT’s non-discrimination policies, but to create a genuinely inclusive environment for OVC staff and the students we serve.

In our work, the OVC does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of any aspect of identity or difference, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, citizenship, age, political views, socioeconomic status, veteran status, immigration status or physical appearance. This approach affects all aspects of OVC work including services for students, administration of policies and procedures, hiring practices, and administration of programs, initiatives and activities.

We believe that the mental and physical well-being of our students is foundational to learning. We are committed to fostering an emotionally supportive environment where students can be their authentic selves, flourish as community members, and do their best work. We build this environment by supporting each other, promoting our own self-care as staff members, and engaging in and encouraging respectful discourse among students, staff, and faculty. OVC is committed to the meaningful inclusion of all community members and actively advances underrepresented voices.

We do not assume that our organization is immune to biases or power imbalances. The many aspects of our identities confer various mindsets, expectations, and levels of privilege. We are committed to understanding and overcoming the many dimensions of exclusion that we are all exposed to through socialization. We are committed to educating and training students, staff, and faculty to recognize our inherent biases and correct injustices in our realms of influence.  Each person’s perspective is unique, and when all of us come together in the genuine spirit of learning, our distinct views can combine to produce a stronger and more equitable MIT.