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New OVC Employees, June-November 2017

Erin Murray Administrative Assistant II, Campus Visits
Christina Gaffney Admissions Counselor, Data Analysis
Philana Tenhoff Associate Director, Diversity Outreach
Elizabeth Choe Assistant Director, Communications

Liam Madden Instructor
Benjamin Moncivaiz Instructor
Farhan Choudhary Short Term Lecturer

Edgerton Center
Christopher Mayer

Global Education & Career Development
Joshua Nagle IT Project Coordinator I
Amanada Pickett Program Assistant, PreHealth Advising
Jessica Courtney Career Assistant
Elizabeth Foster Career Assistant
Anna Akhtar Career Assistant
Vanessa Wells Career Assistant
Tiana Ransom Career Assistant
Leticia Kahya Career Assistant

Military Science
Joseph Swain Technical Instructor
Sean Kirk Technical Instructor
Lisa Morin Administrative Assistant II

Naval Science
Clare Duffy Technical Instructor

Office of Graduate Education
Jacqueline Souza Administrative Assistant I
Cedrick Boursiquot SEVIS Systems Coordinator/Data Analyst

OVC Headquarters
Ian Waitz Vice Chancellor, OVC
Mary Markel Murphy Sr. Associate Dean, OVC
Michael Rutter Sr. Advisor for Communications, OVC
Elizabeth Hoy Sr. Administrative Assistant, OVC

Student Financial Services
Jeffrey Foreman Administrative Assistant II for Operations
Eriliza Guerrero Counselor, Financial Aid Delivery

Teaching and Learning Lab
Lourdes Aleman Assoc. Director for Teaching+Learning

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Ian Murray Administrative Assistant I