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Introducing GECDx: Learning Videos for MIT Students

Screenshot of one of the new videos available on GECDx

Job offer negotiation is one of the new videos available on GECDx.

GECD has added to its website a new learning resource for students: a suite of short educational videos on a range of topics. The videos are a pilot for a larger initiative, dubbed GECDx, to develop engaging online learning content that students can access anywhere, anytime.

Each main team of GECD created a video. Career Services’ video explains the ins-and-outs of salary negotiation. Prehealth Advising shows how to answer a critical med school interview question (and how not to). Global Education’s video helps students articulate the value of a global experience in a job interview or grad school application.

All three videos are available for anyone in the MIT community to watch. To track usage specifically within the MIT community, a Kerberos login is required to access the videos at this time.

Scott Murray, GECD