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Prehealth Advising Hosts Transgender at MIT Workshop

In December, the Prehealth Advising team of Global Education & Career Development (GECD) hosted an event led by LGBTQ Services called “Transgender at MIT: A Workshop for Staff, Administrators, and Faculty.” Abigail Francis and Julio Oyola, the assistant dean and assistant director of LGBTQ Services respectively, helped participants gain insight into trans issues and strategies for being more trans-inclusive through the use of statistics, video clips, and reflection, as well as small and large group discussion. Turnout for the workshop was strong, with approximately 50 attendees from UAAP, CSAIL, Human Resources, and the International Students Office, among other departments.

Participants had a chance to learn from one another and lean into their vulnerabilities. Some recognized how much they hadn’t known, while others expressed an appreciation for access to resources and information so that they can expand their knowledge.

Continuing the conversation on inclusivity and cultural transformation, Prehealth Advising has coordinated two more workshops in the spring semester: “Sexual Violence and Trauma-Informed Patient Care” on February 21 and “Power, Privilege, and Patient Care” on March 22. For more information, contact

Amanda Pickett, GECD