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New OVC Employees and Promotions

New Employees: May – July 2018

Douglas Alford Admissions Counselor
Julia Davis Administrative Assistant II

Career Advising and Professional Development
Susan Action Career Development Counselor
Kendyl Maher-Trumble Communications Administrator

Mike Teodorescu Visiting Research Associate

Experimental Study Group
Christian Cardozo-Aviles Instructor

PKG Center
Daniel Becker Program Coordinator

ROTC Air Force
Alicia Dimitruk Technical Instructor

David Barrera Technical Instructor
Martin Peters Technical Instructor
David Stalker Visiting Professor

Blane Butcher Technical Instructor
Michael Savageaux Visiting Professort

Student Financial Services
Erica Mauro Assistant Director for Collections
Mai Moua Counselor for Financial Delivery

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Chelsea Truesdell Assistant Dean
Taylor Pons Staff Associate I

Promotions: July 2017 – August 2018

Michael Ahern
Carole Cafferty
Jessica Ch’ng
Paula Cogliano
Elizabeth Durant
Alison Hynd
Karen Johnson
Tyrene Jones
Ariel Leitao
Melissa Mangino
Kristin McCoy
Meredith Pepin
Janet Rankin
Tianna Ransom
Libby Reed
Emily Sheldon
Jessica Zdon-Smith
Kate Trimble
Tiffany Velez
Jeremy Weprich