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Around the Globe, MIT Army ROTC Cadets Broaden Their Leadership Horizons

ROTC platoon

Senior Eric Koch’s platoon celebrates the completion of Advanced Camp Field Training.

ROTC Cadet Lucy Lee

MIT sophomore cadet Lucy Lee won bronze at the World University Wushu Championships in Macau, China.

This fall, cadets from the MIT Army ROTC will return to campus having completed a multitude

of summer experiences meant to develop military and leadership training and enhance academic studies.

Thirteen cadets completed a month-long military training camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where they learned soldier skills and were assessed on their ability to lead in a series of mock operations. Other cadets served in lieutenant-level leadership positions at active-duty units or concluded air assault school, both of which are designed to familiarize them with active army operations and improve basic leadership skills.

Cadets also participated in a variety of internships throughout the United States and the world. Ten cadets immersed themselves in different countries through the Cultural Understanding and Language Program, Project Go, and MIT MISTI Program, which exposed them to everyday life in different cultures and intensive language study required to support global operations in the 21st century. Cadets also participated in the Engineering Internship Program and Army Research Lab, working on real-world engineering and research projects at the operational and strategic levels.

Last, but not least, Lucy Lee, a sophomore cadet, represented the US and MIT at the first World University Wushu Championships in Macau, China, where she won bronze medals in two events.

—Nadi Kassim, MIT Army ROTC