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New OVC Employees, Feb. 7-May 8, 2020

Bintou Conte Administrative Assistant II
Jessica Mu Administrative Assistant II
Ameera Ali Administrative Assistant II
David duKor-Jackson Director of Special Projects
Vladimir Proano Non-MIT Student Worker
Artie Maharaj Evaluation & Learning Associate Monitoring
Heewon Lee Program/Project Coordinator
Experimental Study Group
William Halbert Educational Justice Institute Outreach Manager
Office of Vice Chancellor
Anthony Petrillo IT Consultant I
PKG Center
Samantha Ha Social Impact Employment Graduate Assistant
ROTC Air Force
Benjamin York Technical Instructor
Lisa Breen Administrative Assistant II
Heek Chae Technical Instructor
Joseph Garland Technical Instructor
Student Financial Services
Jana Tajchman-Haile Director of Student Financial Operations
Beatriz Salazar Counselor for Customer Service