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Students Craft Video for Virtual Edgerton Center Open House

Juniors Jade Chongsathapornpong and Aditya Mehrotra from the Solar Electric Vehicle Team, and Summer Hoss and Lili Sun from the Rocket Team, wanted to get across what it’s like to be part of the Edgerton Center student team community.

So they asked the teams and the Edgerton Center to Dropbox their footage and they set to work to create a video timed to the beat of a song. Held in September, the virtual open house led off with the video and introductions by Edgerton Center staff members. Afterwards, the attendees transitioned off to separate Zoom rooms in which first-year students could meet one of the fourteen student-led teams.

Students then spent ten minutes getting to know a team and transitioned to the next team — speed dating for teams, if you will. While it was slightly chaotic when a large group of students flooded a team’s Zoom room, the students learned to quickly adapt to make the best use of their 15 minutes of time.

— Camilla Brinkman, Edgerton Center