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New Experiential, Virtual D-Lab Courses

This summer MIT D-Lab is offering two dynamic and interactive virtual courses, open to staff, on Inclusive Innovation and Inclusive Business featuring real-world case studies, guest speakers, in-depth discussions and networking opportunities. The courses are a great way to connect with D-Lab values and approaches, build your innovation and market-based approaches skillsets while connecting with colleagues and industry peers, and advancing your professional development.  Both courses are part of the core MIT Professional Certificate Program in Innovation and Technology. OVC staff can receive a 15% discount; contact Amanda Epting for more details.

Inclusive Innovation: Designing for a Better World provides an introduction to Participatory Design, an evidence-based, problem-solving approach pioneered by MIT D-Lab. Learn frameworks and methods for facilitating inclusive innovation processes and participatory design in development and humanitarian contexts and use tools to reframe how to better include stakeholders in the problem-solving process. Applied Inclusive Business: Scaling Technology in Low-Income Markets builds upon this foundation and considers the question of once innovative and inclusive solutions and services have been designed, what barriers might exist to adoption and dissemination of technologies, products and programs in global markets? Gain an introduction to principles and apply a practical toolkit for designing inclusive business strategies and gain insights on best practices from live cases and user feedback.

— Amanda Epting, D-Lab