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News from the Paul Revere Battalion

The Paul Revere Battalion has been hard at work coming into the spring 2022 semester, as preparation for an exciting Unit Training Program is in full swing.  One MIT Cadet graduated from the Army’s Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, and proudly showed why the MIT Army ROTC program is the best in the country. Furthermore, the Military Strategy Initiative group affords the opportunity for Cadets to work closely with defense policy, conduct research on the proposed topic and provide analysis and policy recommendations on certain defense issues to their semester mentor/commissioner, who coaches them through their research. The Military Strategy Initiative group met with Colonel (Promotable) John Byrom, the 2nd Multi-Domain Task Force Commander out of Germany, to present their semester project research about Eastern Europe and disinformation.  A highly successful semester project!

In January, seven Cadets traveled to Fort Bragg, NC to link up with their United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) partners to modernize their Hackathon projects. The Cadets briefed the progress they have made both in person and virtually since SEP 2021, and in partnership with Lincoln Labs, on one major project: an Electronic Bike customized for use during Airborne Operations. The success of these outcomes only strengthens our relationship with the SOCOM team, and they are excited to continue the partnership with our Cadets to solve complex problem sets.

Most recently, the ROTC department re-energized their Cadet mentorship program, where upper-level students coach, teach, and mentor lower-level students through what can be potentially be tough times.  A senior Cadet serves as the leader of a each small group of  4-5 Cadets.  The partnerships are based on several metrics like similar majors or hobbies/interests or branches within the Army they would like to serve, such as Infantry or Military Intelligence. Over the years, this program has paid dividends for students, helping them navigate through college by simply having small group discussions with a peer who has already been through the same situation.

— Lisa Morin, MIT Army ROTC