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Update on ESG Curriculum Pilot and TEJI Initiatives

In response to MIT’s “Common Ground” initiative, which encourages the development of classes that blend computational thinking and discipline-specific material, ESG embarked on a three-year pilot to develop and teach MIT’s introductory computing classes (6.0001/ES.S601 and 6.0002/ES.S602) in tandem with, and in the context of, the physics GIRs (8.01/ES.801 and 8.02/ES.802). This past semester we offered ES.801 paired with a six-credit section of ES.S601. Students were enrolled in both subjects and received separate course grades for each. We plan to offer both ES.801/ES.S601 and ES.802/ES.S602 during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Over the past year, The Educational Justice Institute (TEJI) has piloted online learning models to deliver education to incarcerated students in the humanities, computer science, and other disciplines, representing some of the first real-time, coeducational learning opportunities in correctional facilities in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. (See a recent WGBH article about this work here.)

Working with MIT and Harvard students, they created the Computer Education Committee, which is committed to improving and expanding computer education programs in correctional facilities, including courses in computer programming, self-efficacy, and career readiness. (See a recent MIT News article here and check out the Brave Behind Bars program at TEJI continues to coordinate the Massachusetts Prison Education Consortium, which now includes 66 colleges and universities and 400 individual members (a significant increase over the previous year for both).

Finally,  Claudia Forero-Sloan joined TEJI as the financial administrator and program coordinator in December of 2021.  She comes to TEJI from MIT Music and Theater Arts and has a wealth of experience working at the Institute. Please join us at ESG and TEJI in welcoming Claudia to the OVC family.

— Bettina McGimsey, ESG