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Graduate Student Roadmap



Onboarding and Orientation

  • Partnership with GSC to advance our onboarding process
  • Atlas for graduate students
  • Leadership training in residences

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Best practices in admission, recruitment and student success
  • Diversity dashboard
  • BGSA recommendations
  • Implicit bias training
  • GSC Conduit Assembly
  • Sloan University Center for Exemplary Mentoring renewal (MechE, BE, ChemE, EECS)
  • Develop transparent process for allocation of OGE fellowships


Professional Development and Advising

  • Career Services and Exploration Committee
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Working Group
  • MIT Alumni Association increase in engagement
  • MindHandHeart Department Support Project
  • Best practices in graduate student advising


Financial Stability


  • Graduate stipend recommendation process
  • Graduate tuition model committee
  • Emergency loans
  • Financial literacy


Housing and Food Security


  • Grad Housing Working Group & Implementation Team
  • Infrastructure renewal and construction of new residences
  • Food security and meal programs



  • Childbirth accommodation
  • Paid parental leave
  • Graduate residential life programs for families and spouses
  • Summer enrichment
    Programs for families
  • House teams


Support and Wellness


  • Unified medical leave and return policy
  • Haven sexual harassment training
  • Violence Prevention and Response and Title IX and Bias Response Change Makers (Chem)
  • CARE coordination with GPS, S3 & MH, and MHH
  • Expanded personal and mental health support


Business Practices


  • Student Information Systems improvement
  • Learning management systems
  • Student dashboard
  • Best practices in financial and administrative processes and reporting in OGE