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Designing the First Year at MIT

Designing the First Year at MIT

A core part of Office of the Vice Chancellor’s priority on exploring the first year undergraduate experience at MIT is a spring 2018 course, Designing the First Year at MIT. With peers and faculty from across the Institute, students will: reimagine and redesign the MIT first year undergraduate experience; develop new skills in design, learning science, and communication; and present a final project to senior administration. Why are we taking this approach? At MIT, we’ve learned our students are the best advocates for the change they want to see at MIT. And ultimately, we hope what we learn in the fall, and what comes out of the class, will serve to make MIT’s first year the best that MIT can offer to future students.

Team Members

  • Alexa K Martin, UA
  • Anette E Hosoi, SoE/MechE
  • Benjamin Linville-Engler, SDM
  • Bruce Gregory Cameron, SDM
  • Bryan R Moser, SDM
  • Dennis H Kim, Biology
  • Dennis M Freeman, OVC/EECS
  • Dipa Shah, TLL
  • Edward Z Fan ’19
  • Elizabeth Cogliano Young, UAAP
  • Elizabeth Hoy, OVC
  • Fahad Punjwani, IDEO CoLab
  • Glen L Urban, Sloan
  • Grace Kim, HASTS
  • Ian A Waitz, OVC
  • Jagruti S Patel, Chancellor’s Office
  • Janet Rankin, TLL
  • Jon P Daries, IR
  • Justin Reich, CMS
  • Justin Steil, SA+P
  • Kate Trimble, PKG
  • Kathryn A Jiang, UA
  • Kim Haberlin, Chancellor’s Office
  • Lauren Pouchak, OVC
  • Lourdes Aleman, TLL
  • Lydia J Snover, IR
  • Maria Yang, MechE
  • Melissa Barnett, TLL
  • Michael Rutter, OVC
  • Noah J McDaniel, UA
  • Susan S Silbey, Faculty Governance
  • Tami Kaplan, Faculty Governance