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Cross Functional Teams & Working Groups


  • Digital Accessibility Working Group
    In order to achieve an MIT that aligns our commitment to disseminating knowledge with our commitment to inclusivity and access, we are charging this Working Group with making recommendations for methods to increase the accessibility of MIT’s technology for individuals with disabilities.
  • Graduate Family Support Working Group
    This team seeks to broadly understand the environment for graduate student families at MIT, and options for ensuring they are appropriately supported within the broader context of priorities identified on the Graduate Student Roadmap. This team’s work supports the ongoing efforts of the Graduate Student Roadmap, as well as the strategic priority of “Serving our graduate students”.
  • Wellness Committee
    Encouraging practices, policies, and programs to empower our staff to achieve their desired mental and physical wellness goals. 
  • Designing the First Year at MIT
    A core part of Office of the Vice Chancellor’s priority on exploring the first year undergraduate experience at MIT is a spring 2018 course, Designing the First Year at MIT.
  • Office of Vice Chancellor – Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI)
    The mission of OVC-CDEI is to advocate and work for diversity and inclusion within OVC by defining and executing actions that will make a more inclusive community at home and abroad.
  • Graduate Housing (with DSL, GSC)
    The faculty and staff members of the working group were selected by the Chancellor, Provost, and Executive Vice President and Treasurer in August 2017. The Graduate Student Council nominated six graduate students to serve on the group.
  • Career Explorations
    The goals of the MIT Committee on Student Career Exploration and Services are to review aspects and activities associated with student career exploration and services, and to identify changes that would enhance exploration of, and access to, a broad range of careers in a manner that best serves student needs.
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Working Group
    The group is tasked with establishing a framework for graduate student professional development, with a focus on leveraging data-driven best practices, creating a repository of information, resources, and best practices to enable students can participate in professional development activities.

In Process

  • Interphase EDGE online (OME-led)
  • Future learning management systems (Registrar’s Office-led)
  • Grad student orientation & onboarding (staff-led, includes students)
  • International/Domestic Undergraduate Student Orientation and Onboarding Team


OVC Mission Statement

Creating a mission for the new Office of the Vice Chancellor

Team Members

  • Sharon Bridburg, OVC HQ
  • Mary Callahan, Registrar’s Office
  • David Elwell, ISO
  • Jeanne Hillery, OVC HQ
  • DiOnetta Jones Crayton, OME
  • Mary Markel Murphy, OVC HQ
  • Melanie Parker, GECD
  • Janet Rankin, TLL
  • Michael Rutter, OVC HQ
  • Stuart Schmill, Admissions & SFS
  • Blanche Staton, OGE
  • Kim Vandiver, OEL
  • Elizabeth Cogliano Young, UAAP

OVC Values

Creating underlying values for the OVC.

Team Members

  • Kofi Taha, D-Lab
  • Nai Kalema, D-Lab
  • Graham Ramsay, ESG
  • Janet Rankin, TLL
  • Jessica Landry, OGE HQ
  • Michelle Pezzulli, SFS
  • Ny Toyloy, GDCD
  • Jason McKnight, GPS
  • Karen Signorelli, Admissions 
  • Claudia Battle, SFS
  • Emily Cheng, iSO
  • Antoinette Browne, ISO
  • Eric Sacca, SFS